Retina Reflex

Kodak Retina Reflex

We made it to the flea market around the corner last Sunday morning. I actually went in search of the black market for hard-to-find essential things, like laundry detergent and bath soap, which are scarce in regular shops because of the shortages and rationing. I figured that wherever there is a shortage of such, someone will have hoarded the stuff and be selling them off for three times what they paid…but no luck.

Ninety percent of the stalls were selling secondhand fashion. There were lots and lots of old shoes and clothes, all too small for a big fat gringa like me! Cheap costume jewelry, three-quarters empty bottles of nail polish, battered-looking handbags, and bridesmaid’s gowns.

There were plenty of fried food stalls, and people selling cheap, mass-produced stuff, like plastic food containers, from China (brand new).

A few stalls did have second stuff that wasn’t fashion-related: boxes of dusty…

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