Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flat-Weavery*: Meet the Shaggy Twins


* I apologize for a pun so early in the post, and any pain or confusion that it may have caused.

Do you have your own style? A personal, fresh, funky, original spin on interior design? Yeah?  NOPE. You don’t. Your „style” is like your dryer’s lint trap, sucking up loose bits and pieces from things you’ve sat on or in, or mindlessly slipped into jeans pockets. Sometimes, it’s full of gum wrappers and gravel, but look closely, and you might pick out a nickel or a movie ticket or a satisfyingly-strikethroughed** to-do list.

I’ll admit the metaphor above doesn’t totally work (hey, I spend a lot of time doing laundry). But once you admit that you have none of your own style is when you are free to fully absorb the style of others … into the lint trap of your mind.  To paraphrase a fellow…

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