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Islam_Dominate_World[1]Leonard Oprea:

Islamic terrorism today  (see below the Romanian version)

Three questions and a few clarifications

(published in September 2004 – on Internet & into  the Romanian Book: ”Theophil Magus – Confesiuni 2004-2006”)

…About „the massacre of the children” from Beslan … in North Ossetia, murder comparable anytime to the atrocities committed in the Nazi camps, or in the Gulags of the ex-communist world, or on the fields of the Red Khmers or, on „9-11” at New York, or on „3-11” at Madrid, in short, about a new and almost incredible crime of nowadays terrorism – Islamic, no other, I suggest you read this very short article that I have published during the spring of 2004, in USA and in Romania, article who brought me quite a few detractors …

Here goes:

Personally, although I have read a bit about Arabic cultures and religion, including the Coran, I am…

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