A Client Reveal. Before And After.


I love a before and after blog post.

I was hired to redo all of the main areas in this 7000+ square foot home, section by section.

And we just finished the first section! Not too many words to say on this one. Just photos…

I lie.

I am going to touch a little on the process… With a room shaped this way, I had to start with a floor plan.

Damn. Lied again.

We started with what they were keeping. The fireplace. They told me a story about this faux finisher that spent hours meticulously painting the fireplace, and they did not have the heart to change it. You guys know about me and my fireplaces. I wanted to do a modern wood treatment with a series of 2 x 8 inch slats going in differing directions (horizontal, diagonal, etc.) But the story touched my heart and made me giggle a…

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